Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of Lyriquediscorde. Over the 3 years there have been changes, and there have been constants, music being the overall constant, as it has been in my life. I wanted to do something to celebrate the date, had half considered doing “Top 3” lists to both signify the 3rd year, and my love of list making, but instead I decided to do something a little bit different, and a lot musical. Following is a list of “favorite” songs that lined up together spell out Lyriquediscorde.

Thank you to all of you have have followed this space, who read and listen, and especially to those who reach out and connect. It means a lot to me, keeps me going, and helps maintain my inspirations. I hope that through the years you have heard or seen something that you enjoyed, and that made you take an action that keeps art alive, whether it be visiting a gallery, purchasing an album, reading a book, seeking out a film or something on the TV screen, or that something I have shared has led you to create something, as well.

Each song is a favorite of mine, from a few favorite artists/bands of mine, all playing “live”. I like to think that this is my mini-festival to ring in the 3rd year here at Lyriquediscorde.

Lua (live) :: Bright Eyes

You Said Something (live) :: PJ Harvey

Rhiannon (live) :: Fleetwood Mac

If She Knew What She Wants (live) :: The Bangles

Question of Lust (live) :: Depeche Mode

Untouchable Face (live) :: Ani DiFranco

EZ (live) :: Pete Yorn

Dancing Barefoot (live) :: Patti Smith

If I Had a Gun (live) :: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Say Yes (live) :: Elliott Smith

Come Pick Me Up (live) :: Ryan Adams

Ordinary World (live) :: Duran Duran

Roads (live) :: Portishead

Does He Love You? (live) :: Rilo Kiley

Everlong (live) :: Foo Fighters

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