I see trouble on the way :: As Heard on TV


Don’t go around tonight,
well, it’s bound to take your life;
there’s a bad moon on the rise.”

It was the music that first grabbed me round about first season of The Following. The haunting covers, the genre crossing soundtrack, the rehashed gothic favorites from my past, it all was wonderful, and it all set the perfect tone for such a dark tale. Though I had my issues with the first season as it unfolded, I never, for one moment, doubted the power of the music used.

Here’s a playlist I put together from Season 1 – click here and listen. See what I mean?

Season two’s first episode certainly continued the sonic stride with this aching, dear dark darling of a cover song that I immediately wanted to search for once the credits began to roll. I’m looking forward to what comes next (and what plays next, too).

Bad Moon Rising :: Mourning Rituals


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