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Oh, you were a vampire,
and baby,
I’m the walking dead.”

That day, the day with all the rain and storm, the day with all that chaotic weather outside, it was that day that Laney and Rae lost time together. If anyone were to ask they would smile with lipsticked laden plausible deniability that they were there, together, at all. Who would ask though. Rae was Jack’s other half to most people’s recollection, and Laney, well, Laney belonged to no one and everyone in particular. She was the one with all the stories, the girl with far away eyes and guitar strung boys penning songs about her, why would she be there with her brother’s girl?

The truth is never that clear though, truth is fluid and malleable, full of dye job lies and half-told tales with fingers crossed behind every back. There is a reason they hide bodies in the desert, in all this desolation, because the space has room for everyone’s secrets. And, that day, that day with the rain and the claps of thunder and lit up skies, that day Rae and Laney were each other’s secrets. In those lost hours they traded nicotine stained scars and whiskey soaked confessions, they wrote sonnets on tissues and traced curves on skin covered bones. That day, that lost day, Laney and Rae traded blood and bastard lines for something Rae decide was love.

When the chimes rang out calling Rae to the station she thought it was another request for her statement about the accident  at Joe’s last month, or maybe, just maybe, some kind of news about her Mother. She reasoned that Abbie at the station was always asking if Rae could spare a shift or two to help out with filing and research. Rae had recommended Jack for it, but maybe they wanted her. It could have been anything, anything at all, except for this. Not this.

“Raelynn Adams, I need you to come with me. We need to ask you a few questions about Delaney Rogers.”

Rae bit her lip, hard, so hard she tasted blood, blood and secrets.

Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) :: Concrete Blonde

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