Her :: Movie Review


Her (2013) 
Directed by Spike Jonze
Written by Spike Jonze

The past is just a story we tell ourselves.” ~ Samantha

What makes a person a “person“? What makes us human? What is it that we fall in love with? Bodies? Minds? Spirits? Personalities? All of the above? Is it possible to connect more completely with someone who is physically not with you? What is connection at it’s core? Is true love something that has to be “forever“? Can we be seen if we are not physically with the person seeing? These are all questions that were stirred up in me while watching Her.

At times, I was reminded of my first experiences on the internet, back when there were mail lists and chat rooms, before Skype and Social Media, when words exchanged led to connection and relationships. At other times, I felt that same contraction of loneliness and love that exists in a long-distance relationship, when you fall asleep with your phone, and try desperately to share a day-to-day life with someone who is far, far away from your daily life. Moreso, though, I felt the vulnerability, the joy, and the sorrow, of love, and of being in love.

This is a stunning film, gorgeous, incredibly intimate, and thought-provoking. Towards the end when “Samantha” spoke about how love makes your heart expand, and how loving teaches us to love, even at that moment of loss, it was then I felt the tears come. So many emotions, this movie has me a whirlwind, circus carousal, inside out and upside down mix of emotions; kind of like the emotions stirred up by love, and by possibility.

Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson are both incredible in this, with and without bodies, they are both just incredible.


It’s like I’m writing a book… and it’s a book I deeply love. But I’m writing it slowly now. So the words are really far apart and the spaces between the words are almost infinite. I can still feel you… and the words of our story… but it’s in this endless space between the words that I’m finding myself now. It’s a place that’s not of the physical world. It’s where everything else is that I didn’t even know existed. I love you so much. But this is where I am now. And this who I am now. And I need you to let me go. As much as I want to, I can’t live your book any more.” ~ Amy

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