Wouldn’t you love to love her? :: As Heard on Television


All your life you’ve never seen, 
taken by the wind.
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?”

Misty Day, portrayed brilliantly by Lily Rabe, is hidden away in the forest discovering the music of Stevie Nicks, taking in the music in a visceral, vital, almost feral kind of way, when we first meet her. She is wild, taken by fire and win and rain, all the elements wrapping around her, and keeping her resurrected. I was immediately drawn to the character of Misty, and even more so, when Stevie’s, and Fleetwood Mac’s music, became a part of her being.

Not that I ever need encouragement to listen to Stevie Nicks, it did lead me to put on repeat a few of her songs, playing them for days and days after. A part of me feels a part of her songs, like the one below, and I can see why Misty would want part of a tribe that Stevie’s music leads.

Wouldn’t you?

Rhiannon :: Fleetwood Mac

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