My Top 300 Movies :: 126-130


126. 9 1/2 Weeks

Trying to explain why I love this movie so much is a tricky one, as I am not necessarily a fan of the relationship portrayed in this, especially since I think there are so many aspects that needed to be flushed out and were instead replaced by tons of sex scenes. That said, I still find myself drawn to the film, to the story, and well, admittedly, toward Mickey Rourke. There are moments, too, that I just get a little lost in, like the one pictured above.


Movie clip, featuring Slave to Love :: Bryan Ferry


Movie clip, featuring You Can Leave Your Hat On :: Joe Cocker

Chloe Webb and Gary Oldman in the film Sid and Nancy

127. Sid and Nancy

Another rough relationship, full of dysfunction, addiction and tragedy, and yet the movie is a favorite of mine. Great acting, especially by Gary Oldman who just disappears into the role of Sid. I love the musical/punk rock history of it all, too.


Never trust a junkie” scene


My Way :: Gary Oldman


128. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Super heroes/musicians/comic book heroes and villains (and those who are a little of both) all in one movie with fast-paced dialogue, stunning visuals and unforgettable characters, makes this easily in my list of favorites. There is a kick-ass soundtrack to go along with it, too. My favorite of everyone is without a doubt Wallace.



Ramona :: Beck


How are you doing that with your mouth?”


129. Me Without You

Reminiscent of my own best friend since childhood, and they dynamics and complexities of friendships through the years, Me Without You hits at a very personal level with me. There is so much to relate to in the era and life stages of both girls/women, as well. This film is yet another reason why Michelle Williams is a favorite actor of mine (Anna Friel is wonderful in this, too).




White Horses :: Lucy Street


130. Running On Empty

Running On Empty is one of those movies that crept into my heart on first viewing and never let go. This is one of my favorite River Phoenix films, and includes one of my favorite music in movie scenes (the Fire and Rain scene). Martha Plimpton is fantastic in this film, as well.


Movie clip, featuring Fire and Rain :: James Taylor


Danny and Lorna

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    1. I love it, too (thus making it onto the list). I wish that certain things were flushed out more, that the ending was less abrupt, but that is often how I feel about life.

      Yes, perhaps obvious on both our parts, don’t you think?

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