My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of December 30


1. Wallander



Two episodes in and I love this show, and find myself wondering why it took me so long to watch. Reminiscent of the recent BBC crime drama Broadchurch (if you haven’t seen it, go now go!), except that there is a new mystery/crime each episode. Great, flawed characters and intriguing stories, incredible performance by Kenneth Branagh, oh, and Tom Hiddelston, too.


2. Isn’t It So Pretty To Think So? :: Nick Miller



This was on my to-read list for most of last year, and I finally started it this week. The setting is familiar, as is the disillusionment of the storyteller. I’m only a few chapters in, but I already feel attached to this “coming of age” story (a favorite genre of mine).

3. Unspeakable Words


We are a board game family, and have discovered some great games through the YouTube/Wil Wheaton show Table Top and the local game store, Game Empire, in Pasadena. Our newest edition to our game collection is Unspeakable Words, which we rolled out to play on New Year’s Eve. It is part Yahtzee, part Scrabble, and part something completely twisted – we loved it.

Unspeakable Words on Table Top

4. Himalayan Cafe


On New Year’s Day, after the Rose Parade, my youngest daughter Veronica, myself and a few of my co-workers wandered around Pasadena looking for a place for lunch. We stumbled on the Himalyan Cafe, which turned out to be a great find! Veronica and I split an order of garlic Naan and Shrimp Marsala and rice, all delicious.

5. Come On Feel The Lemonheads


My most played album this week. I can’t seem to get enough of it, especially the song The Great Big No. Now I’m on the look out to find a vinyl copy of it sometime soon.

Great Big No

6. Banshee


The poster above was what brought me to the show, with its Twin Peaks feel and the pulp/comic book style. I stayed for the story, the characters and the intriguing story. Sometimes the sex is a bit gratuitous (well, it is Cinemax), but beyond that this was one of my favorite recent TV finds.

7. Resistor Records


I love the little Los Angeles suburb I live in (Monrovia), with its small town feel, especially in our “old town” area which has an amazing library, a comic book store, a movie theater, tons of delicious little restaurants and a new record store. Resistor is a tiny, magical place that sells reasonably priced, great condition used vinyl, new vinyl, books, turntable and headphones. They also host live shows in the back end of their story.

8. Paper Towns :: John Green

Paper Towns

I  am ever reading multiple books at one time, and this month is no different. One of the three I am reading (well, one is an audio book) is John Green’s Paper Town. I’m four chapters in and am happily curious at what Margo has planned for this “greatest night of their life”, as well as also being reminded of a certain night in my much younger life (I’m also wondering if there is always death in some form in John’s books).

9. Blonde On Blonde :: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

A fellow blogger posed the question this morning, asking “What are you’re Top 5 double albums of all time?”. This was one of my five choices, which spawned a Blonde on Blonde morning, listening to the album whilst making French Toast for the family. There are so many songs I love on this album, but this morning my favorite is Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again.

10. Toxic (live) :: Boogie Trouble

I love the unexpected cover of pop songs. I love the disco meets psychedelic meets indie rock feel to this Icelandic band. Plus, lead singer, Klara Arnalds, is so damn adorable.

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