I’ll take the long way ’round :: As Heard on Television


And, you’ll find loss,
and you’ll fear what you found,
when weather comes,
tearing down.

There’ll be oats in the water.
There’ll be birds on the ground.
There’ll be things you never asked her,
oh, how they tear at you now.”

Unlike many television shows, The Walking Dead uses non-score music sparingly, holding out for those moments that are wordless, where a song at that moment works in a way that leaves you shaking, and often, emotionally gutted. Their use of music is stunning, moving, and never wasted. This past season it was Ben Howard’s Oats In the Water that gave Hershel’s solitary breakdown that extra heft of feeling (Season 4, Episode 5, Internment). The song haunted me for days after, until I hunted it down and played it, over and over again. It still gets to me, gives me those all over body chills, and hits me hard in my musical heart. Well done, The Walking Dead, and thank you for the introduction to an amazing song that led to the discovery of  a great album, Every Kingdom.

Oats in the Water :: Ben Howard

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