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Start Again


I drove home in the California dusk.”

The New Year nears, I can almost hear the ticking of time starting its proverbial countdown. I am a sucker for first days, a lover of fresh starts, and I know that some of that is part and parcel to my anxiety driven controlling nature, the OCD that kicks in and keeps me calm and breathing, and gifts me a false sense of safe. Regardless, I still embrace first days and New Years and fresh starts, realizing as well that each new day is all of that, too.

I have some resolutions and I have some plans. Mostly I have a goal of living my life more, being in the moment more, and carving out time better. There are explorations I want to partake in to feed my gypsy soul nature, there are adventures I want to take with my children, with my friends, and with my husband, and there are things I want for myself. I want to write more, often, all the time, because if you want to be a writer that’s what you should do, write all the time, and I have so many words and so many stories; some nights I lie awake, tossing and turning, with stories wanting to explode out of me. I need to let them loose, give them more real estate than the inside of my mind, and allow them their own voice.

I live in a city within a county which is filled with so many interesting places and things to do, many of them inexpensive, some even free, I want to find them, experience them, and write about them. I want to take pictures, both in the literal sense, and with my mind’s eye, to inspire new characters, and new stories, that will dance themselves out of my head and onto the paper, or screen. I want to live more so I can write more.

I’m ready for you, 2014.

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