Quintessential Albums :: Give Up :: The Postal Service

Give Up :: The Postal Service Quintessential Albums A Little History: Give Up is an album by the electronic pop duo The Postal Service, which was released on February 19, 2003. Give Up was the second Sub Pop Records release to receive platinum status, and was Sub Pop’s best selling album after Nirvana’s Bleach. Give Up peaked at # 114 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Album Chart during its initial release. The 2013 10th Anniversary re-issue of Give Up peaked at # 114, in April 2013. As of January 2013, the album sold 1.1 million copies. The Postal Service began … Continue reading Quintessential Albums :: Give Up :: The Postal Service

My Top 300 Movies :: 121-125

121. The Family Stone  Dysfunctional family holiday stories are definitely something I can relate to, and have a soft spot for. I am also a huge fan of the ensemble cast film when it is done right, which here, with The Family Stone, it is done right. My heart always goes out to Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) who comes into the family as an outsider, notably different than the rest of the family, and who is basically abandoned by her fiance, whose family this is, in the first place. I’ve been there, in her shoes, though I never did have … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 121-125

Under blue moon I saw you :: VOTD

The Killing Moon :: Echo & The Bunnymen from the album, Ocean Rain The Killing Moon, by Echo & The Bunnymen, was released on their 1984 album, Ocean Rain. It is one of the band’s highest-charting hits, reaching # 9 in the UK Singles Chart, and often cited as the band’s greatest song. Writing credits are listed as Ian McCulloch, Pete de Freitas, Les Pattinson and Will Sergeant. Ian McCulluch has stated, “When I sing ‘The Killing Moon’ I know there isn’t a band in the world who’s got a song anywhere near that.” Ian McCulloch later told Uncut magazine( issue # … Continue reading Under blue moon I saw you :: VOTD

Wish I knew what you were looking for :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Lori Earley “Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty, sound of their breath fades with the light. I think about the loveless fascination, under the milky way tonight.” Rae had seen too many faces, and lived in more towns than she could readily name, enough to fill a few lives with, enough to make her wary of setting down roots, or letting anyone in too close. She had never met her Aunt and Uncle before now, well, maybe when she was in that hazy age of never remembering, when she was small and … Continue reading Wish I knew what you were looking for :: SOTD