Winter Song :: Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
from the album, The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs

Winter Song is a seasonal Christmas song co-written and co-sung as a duet by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. It became a very minor hit in Canada in Christmas 2008, reaching # 97. But upon release in Ireland in 2011 it reached # 2. A special charity single by #twitterxmassingle also was a separate hit in Ireland alongside the original version reaching # 8.

The song definitely takes a cue from Joni Mitchell’s River, and Juliana Hatfield’s Make It Home, in its melancholic, folk-infused sound and sentiment.

Editor’s Note: There is joy in this time of the year, but there is also a feeling of melancholy that is often hard to shake. No matter how I try to spin around in the happiness of it all, there are memories and people who are no longer in my life that I cannot help but recall, and miss. To turn it around, though, I suppose the remembering is keeping those missed people here somehow, and in that, a layer of joy can be peeled back and embraced. Today I would like to see it that way.


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