The world of the broken hearted :: SOTD (Advent Calendar Version – Day 8)


Keep Art Alive :: “Sweet Tooth” :: Art by Christopher Mitten

Just move yourself,
don’t go back,
don’t stand against the wall!
Just move yourself,
and feel it.”

Jack was stoic, shy and far too slender. He would stand in the back whenever possible, take the last seat in the room, spending lunches in the school library, making his way through the shelves of “other worlds“. Joe and Jo off the highway would hire him for odd jobs, paying him in comic books that Joe would pick up once a month when he drove into the city of Neon. It was the comics that started Jack drawing, at first, tracing his favorite heroes and villains, until he could draw them by hand and eye, sketching the pages from a distance. Lately, though, he has started writing his own.

It was on a comic book payday that Jack met her for the first time. Joe had brought her back from the city, she had sad eyes and long dark hair with one long stripe of purple. Her bags were in the back of Joe’s pick-up, and when he saw Jack coming up the drive he asked him for a hand. Jack felt momentarily paralyzed in nervousness, his mouth opening slightly but no words coming out, still, he kept walking towards the truck, one step, and another, trying not to look to obviously at the girl. In his mind Joe was sketching her into a story, a hero decked out in a costume the same color as the streak in her hair.

“Jack, this is my niece, Rae. She’s gonna live here now. Rae, this is our town’s comic book artist, Jack.” Joe introduced them, warm and smiling at both of them.

Jack notices the way Rae’s ankles turn in, how she wraps her arms tighter around her chest, and how her lips turn up slightly into a shaky kind of smile while she looks up at Jack, her eyes wide and sadder still.

‘Hey.” She says, making eye contact with Jack, then looking immediately away.

Rae is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

One Man Army :: Kassidy

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