Oh Winter is coming :: Song of the Day (Advent Calendar Version – Day 1)

This Holiday Season my family decided to do individual Advent Calendars this December, each one reflective of one of our interests. My Son’s is a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, my younger Daughter a nail polish a day, my oldest Daughter’s a 7″ vinyl single each day, for my Husband, a different beer from around the World a day, and for me, a song and a picture(s) to go along with it, selected by my oldest daughter. As part of mine, I decided to dedicate the next 24 days of “Song of the Day” to my Advent song and picture(s) of the day. So, without further ado, here is the first song, and the 2 pictures that she sent along with them of two of my favorite actors in a “Winter” type pose.

RDJ 12.1.13

The Winter is coming,
way too soon.”

The night before their World had been grey and bone-chilling cold, stark and grime-covered and everything the color of ash and soot, but by morning the city had turned into a flurry of Winter. Dissent had circled their small, third floor apartment for three days time, but now all that swirled around was the snow just outside their bedroom window. There was some kind of peace in it, some kind of fantastical unnamed magic that a first snow could bring, and they were filled with it. She danced around the room, spinning in circles like she had as a child, her bare feet cold on the wood floors. He laughed at the sight, his eyes crinkling with the first hint of age, his voice a sing-song of unrestrained happiness. Soon they would have to trudge out in the cold as he had forgotten coffee at the store, but neither of them minds so much, not this morning, not with the advent of Winter just outside the door.

Winter :: Matt Corby

In another reality, on the flip side of this one, he would go out into the cold to fight a returned villain who had brought with him frost and a magically cursed ice and snow. She did not want him to go, not now, not today, but his suit was on the other side of town, and the city would all wake soon only to be greeted by the Winter traps laying in wait. He promised her a Winter surprise on his return, and with the help of a few of his colleagues he succeeded in bringing home the now contained, shrunken down villain who is now made to dance and sing at her whim. This is a different side of Winter in the city for our not-quite-so-young-anymore hero.

TH 12.1.13

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