The Killers :: My Top 10


The Killers:: My Top 10 Favorite Songs

I was living in Chicago and working temporarily at Tower Records whilst I looked for work in my so-called industry. We had moved across the country for a job at an agency who rescinded their offer on arrival due to a client roster change, the nature of things in advertising, the volatility and the bouncing, but still I never quite expect it. Honestly, though, I was reveling in my return to the record store job, even though my paychecks were abysmally small.

The Killers were playing quite often through the store speakers, and I can recall reading about them in so many music publications, too. Prior to Chicago they had been on and off my radar, but never had quite stuck. I had the Hot Fuss CD rolling around in my car, and had listened to it a few times. Beyond my initial “wow, this sounds like John Taylor played the bass for them.” Admittedly, I was caught up in what I call “The Libertines era“, so consumed by the music and fandom that many other bands fell by the wayside for me.

In Chicago, though, they were impossible to ignore, and Hot Fuss started to become a “must play” CD in my daily “soundtracked” life. I fell for the album, and felt like I finally got what all the “fuss” was about (pun-intended). Then along came Sam’s Town. The interesting thing to note with this album is that Sam’s Town is my favorite album of theirs, without a doubt, but when I first bought it I was disappointed. Perhaps it was due to being so late to the game with Hot Fuss. I had embraced their sound on that album so close to Sam’s Town coming out that I think I was not ready for it. Consequently, Sam’s Town sat un-listened-to for quite some time.

Then one day I tuned in to an episode of Live from Abbey Road, The Killers’ first appearance on the show, and was blown away. The Killers are a band that are spectacular live. Brandon Flowers is one hell of a front man, chock full of charisma and stage presence, and a voice that is far more than it ever seems “recorded“. I caught a glimpse of this truth in the Abbey Road performance, and it was then and there that I fell hard and fast for Brandon Flowers, and The Killers. It was soon after that I revisited Sam’s Town, and this time around, I got it – completely. The storytelling is incredible in this album, and the songs have a life of their own that stick around for the musical “long haul“.

Not too long after I had the luck to see The Killers play live at the Coachella Festival. This was a year that gifted me the opportunity to see Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure live (to name a few), and it is a big deal to say that The Killers set was one of my top 3 favorites of the festival. They were incredible, and it was official that I was a now a tried and true, for life fan. Their music has found a permanent place in my life, so it seemed only fitting that they get a “My Top 10” spot here at Lyriquediscorde.


Following are my Top 10 favorite songs from The Killers:

1. All These Things That I’ve Done
from the album, Hot Fuss

I got soul,
but I’m not a soldier.”

Everyday started feeling like a war, a battle born of bad decisions and addictions that had taken on a life of their own, and I was not armed, nor ready, for the fight. I loved though, boy did I love, with every ounce of my insides and my outsides, and my everything. I gave my soul, but my soul did not know how to be a soldier.


2. A Dustland Fairytale
from the album, Day & Age

Now Cinderella don’t you go to sleep,
it’s such a bitter form of refuge.
Why don’t you know the kingdoms under siege,
and everybody needs you.”

We made our way across the desert as the sun began to set. We were leaving dreams that were shattered now, and I tried to pretend that all hope was not gone. He slept “like a baby“, whatever that means, but I could not sleep at all, not knowing what was waiting at the other end of the road for me, for us.


3. Read My Mind
from the album, Sam’s Town

I pull up to the front of your driveway,
with magic soakin’ my spine.”

I thought I had found the magic in the mayhem, that hidden gem among so many cracker jack plastic nothings. We were both writers, creative types, and we were full of passion. I thought he was strong like me, though, that he could clasp hands, share the magic between us, and withstand the storms, but I was wrong.


4. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
from the album, Sawdust

Two of us,
flipping through a thrift store magazine.
She plays the drums,
I’m on tambourine.
Bet your,
your bottom dollar on me.”

He sang songs to me on an acoustic guitar while I lay on the floor, my head in his lap, singing-a-long with him. He wrote a few for me, after we parted ways, as a way of saying “I wish you had stayed“, I play them on his CD’s when no one is around. There was all this god-damn potential in us, and I believed in him more than he will ever know, but the timing, well, it was just not the time for us, at all.


5. When You Were Young
from the album, Sam’s Town

You sit there in your heartache,
waiting on some beautiful boy to, 
to save you from your old ways.”

I used to believe in redemption, that true love would save me, and that things like fate and magic were possible. I never bought into happily ever after, but I did think that there was healing in falling in love. I was young then, oh the naive dreams we have when we are young.


6. Miss Atomic Bomb
from the album, Battle Born

Your soul was innocent,
she kissed him and she painted it black.
You should have seen your little face,
burnin’ for love,
holdin on’ for your life.”

The ground was covered in snow and last goodbyes when they kissed their first hellos. She was holding on for dear life, for salvation, for some kind of hope in all the darkness. Her nose was cold, her arms folded, but her heart was soaring to his – we were so innocent then, even in the throes of a betrayal.


7. Romeo & Juliet 
from the album, Sawdust

when we made love you used to cry. 
You said I love you like the stars above,
I’ll love you till I die, 
and there’s a place for us,
you know the movie song. 
When you gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong Juliet?”

He pretends to forget her, fools himself into thinking he’s happier without her, claiming that all she ever meant to him was “just a friend“. Once upon a time, though, they were wishing on a someday star together, like a love song, like a movie scene. She can’t pretend anymore, not about this, but one person cannot keep the clock from ticking.


8. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
from the album, Hot Fuss

But I know that I can make it,
as long as somebody takes me home,
every now and then…

I left the scene, the masquerade, the false promises traded in locked hotel rooms between what was once two friends. The airplane sat on the runway, waiting, and I knew that once my feet hit the tarmac the tears would start to fall. I knew I would be alright, though, lonely, heartbroken, but I would make it back home.


10. Here With Me
from the album, Battle Born

Don’t want your picture,
on my cell phone,
I want you here with me.
Don’t want your memory,
in my head now.
I want you here with me.”

Memories are beautiful, wonderful, filled with nostalgia and all the good bits of far past, and near past, and even just yesterday. There are memories that sting, that leave rough tears in the your soul, and leave you missing things, and places, and people. I do not want random x’s, photographs filtered through time zones and web servers and non-mailed envelopes, I just want a hand to hold, a smile across the table with warm coffee to share, and conversations using voices and eye contact, and you, here with me.



4 thoughts on “The Killers :: My Top 10

  1. LOVE.
    “Read My Mind” is my favorite & Flowers has said it’s the best song he’s ever written. LOVE that you’re so into it.
    My top 10 would include much of Hot Fuss & Sam’s Town(Bones!) and spill past 10. I should try to trim it down and come up with something.
    Great post as usual.

    Do you like their new song?

    1. Bones was on my list, and then I took it off, and then I put it back again. It was really tough to keep it to 10 songs…if I went past 10 there would be more from Hot Fuss, too.

      I want to read your top 10!!!

      I do like their new song – what about you?

      Brandon Flowers is one of my music-crushes! 🙂

      Thank you!

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