My Top 300 Movies :: 116-120


116. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

It’s cheesy, Burt Reynolds is singing in it, but so is Dolly Parton who performs the original (and superior, in my opinion) I Will Always Love You in it. I am a sucker for musicals, a love of mine that started when I was a young girl and grew exponentially when I was in musical theater in High School and College. Includes some great scene stealing moments from both Charles Durning and Dom DeLuise.

I Will Always Love You scene

Hard Candy Christmas scene


117. Dancer, Texas Pop. 81

This was one of my “stumbled upon movies by accident” gems that I ended up falling in love with. I love stories of friendship, of coming of age, and of breaking away from expectations to follow one’s dream. Great performances from Breckin Meyer and Ethan Embrey.



118. The Fisher King

Quite possibly my favorite Terry Gilliam film, The Fisher King is fantastical, compassionate, witty at times, heartbreaking at other times, and visually stunning. Tremendous performances by Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges and Amanda Plummer. The modern day mythical/fairy tale storytelling is done brilliantly here.

The greatest thing since spice racks” scene


119. Elf

Holiday movies are a weakness of mine, the more feel good and heartfelt the better, too (though I do have a few edgy, jaded favorites, as well). Elf is one of those holiday movies that I have watched with my kids so many times I have long ago lost count, yet it never gets old to me. I especially love Zooey Deschanel in this, and her friendship-to-love relationship with Will Farrell’s Buddy (no one could have played Buddy except Will Farrell, in my opinion).

You sit on a throne of lies” clip

Baby It’s Cold Outside :: Will Farrell and Zooey Deschanel


120. A Walk to Remember

Definitely on the list of movies that always make me cry. This may be a typical tragic love story on paper, but it is presented in such a heartfelt, beautiful way that, in my opinion, elevate the film from its “genre”. I love Mandy Moore in this.

The truth” scene

Only Hope :: Mandy Moore

5 thoughts on “My Top 300 Movies :: 116-120

  1. Stuff you reminded me of:
    When I was reallllly little I slammed my fists down on the dining room table and loudly proclaimed “Well isn’t this the best little whorehouse in Texas!?” b/c I’d heard it in the movie at some point but I didn’t know what it meant. I think this was Christmas dinner. My family was stunned…I never remind them.
    I have a VHS of Dancer Texas! I taped it off paperview in hs. It’s a really nice, quiet movie. “Big old bull ring in her nose” lol. I want to watch it again.
    Mandy Moore is the most perfect looking creature.

    1. I love the “whorehouse” story so much! It reminds me of when my youngest daughter told a joke one Thanksgiving, at the table with all the relatives – she asked “Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?”…*a few beats*…”Because he was dead.” She had heard it from a stand-up comic, or something, on the TV and the room literally fell silent – that stunned silence.

      I feel like watching Dancer Texas again, too – it’s been too long!!!

      Mandy Moore is so lovely – she and Ryan Adams are adorable together.

      1. That’s really funny! You can remind your daughter when she’s older. I’m going to tell that joke from now on.

      1. I had two friends watch it with me once and they were bored, which is a problem I often run into sharing movies.
        I always loved movies they have always been my favorite. I worked in a few video stores over the years so I access to everything and we always had cable growing up-lucky me!

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