My Weekly Top Ten :: The Week of November 11


My Top 10 :: Week of 11/11/13

1. Baby Jane :: Belle and Sebastian

This unexpected gem of a Rod Stewart cover was part of a mix CD that someone special sent to me more than a few years ago, and I remember I loved it immediately. I woke up with the song – this version – stuck in my head, where it has been rattling and humming all day long. I’ve listened to it about seven times in a row tonight.

2. Waiting For Forever


Have you ever decided to watch a movie that you had once seen a trailer to and dismissed because said trailer made the film seem flimsy and dull and a contrived romantic comedy trope that you had seen a million times before, but for some reason you decide to watch it anyway, and then about half way through, when you are so engrossed you forget what time it is, or that your lunch hour is past over, because the trailer lied and the movie is complex and emotional and possibly heartbreaking and wonderful? Well, that happened to me with a little movie called Waiting For Forever, whose trailer made it look like a poorly ripped off version of Bennie and Joon (I loved Bennie and Joon, for the record, but if you’ve seen the trailer you will get the comparison). Will has now joined the ranks of my favorite fictional boys who steal my heart.

3. Kat Robichaud, The Voice

Sail (live)

She was saved at the very last minute by some Twitter five minute rescue that only the East Coast could use, and I was crossing all my “crossables” that she would make it through because I want to see more of what is above. She is my favorite this year, without a doubt. I do not subscribe to the belief that reality competition shows are the only route to get your music out there, but it is singers like Kat that keep me watching The Voice (along with other past favorites of mine like Tony Lucca, Juliet Simms and Tony Vincent).

4. Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield


I have been in an Evan and Juliana mood all week, a mood the culminated in my new friend over at “At the Library” and myself deeming the 14th of the month to be Evan and Juliana day. It also led me to add a Lemonheads station to my Pandora for listening at work pleasure. Now I feel like digging out all my old Sassy magazines!

Pale Blue Eyes (live)

5. How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo


Photo by Thekattsmeow

I’m still re-reading, taking my time this time around, noticing that my feelings have changed about the characters and that some of what I recognize in the pages hurts to read. These are positive feelings, even if they may sound the opposite, as it is a testament to great writing if I can find different things and feelings and pieces of myself with every new read. This time around I really having a rough time with Eliza, but I have to wonder, do I feel this way because I see parts of me in her that I don’t want to recognize?

6. Loki


Oh Loki, how I cannot wait to see you in IMAX 3D tomorrow. I don’t even like 3D all that much, but it seems worth it to satisfy my geeky fangirl crush. Look for my Thor 2 review coming soon.

7. Hey :: Pixies

Said Lemonheads Pandora station (mentioned above) led me to this song which I have not heard in years. I turned it up way past loud in my commute home tonight and was having quite a car concert of my own, driving, dancing and singing-a-long. Sometimes I forget how much I love the Pixies.

8. Red lipstick

Red lipstick is my one makeup accessory necessity, my sort of signature lip color, and that one detail that always gives me a crazy boost of self-confidence. I think it was a magazine article I read once when I was in my very early teens, an interview with a model or an actor, I don’t remember who, but what I do recall is that red lipstick was there key “don’t leave home without it” must have, and I have grown to definitely agree. Oh, yes, and I do like kissing a lot, too.

9. Crane and Abbie, Sleepy Hollow


I have lost my head over Abbie and Ichabod Crane (see what I did there), and cannot seem to get enough of them. My love for this show came  on quickly and quite unexpectedly, but it is there and I am enjoying the hell out of the show, especially Abbie and Crane’s friendship. Geeky fangirl crushing continues…

10. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (live) :: Nirvana

It is still so hard to watch this performance, or listen to this live album, without feeling the weight and emotions of Kurt’s death. I still remember finding out, sitting on the phone with one of my closest friends who was living on the other side of the States from me, both of us crying and watching the constant loop of replays of this unplugged show. Besides all the emotions, all the memories, and all the sadness it evokes, it is still such a damn fine performance.

3 thoughts on “My Weekly Top Ten :: The Week of November 11

  1. Evan and Juliana Day will be glorious! I so look forward to that. Excellent clip you picked out for them today! I enjoy their little banter.


    There is a bunch of awesome sounding things in this post I need to further explore. Always get introduced to cool things I didn’t know existed on your blog.

    1. LOKI.

      Just needed to repeat it and leave it there on its own. *sigh*.

      Thank you, that’s a REALLY APPRECIATED compliment that you find cool things here. I really, really, REALLY recommend you read How to Kill a Rock Star, and her other book God-Shaped Hole…I just think you’d love them…truly.

      I can’t wait for our next Evan and Juliana Day!!!!

      1. I took a mythology course a couple years ago and got so absorded into Norse mythology. That was by far my favorite and Loki was by far the most interesting.
        Todd Hiddleston is SO talented and they nailed it casting him. Did you see Midnight in Paris? I assume you did b/c you see everything but that movie was magical as hell and Tom just made it better. I’m a bit “boy crazy” because I’m all about Thor and Chris Hemsworth too.

        I havn’t heard Belle and Sebastian in forever…not since the Juno soundtrack actually. I will check out the movie you mentioned and add those books to my wishlist! Always looking for book recommendations. Thank you!

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