Natural One :: Folk Implosion
from the album, Kids Soundtrack

Natural One is an alternative rock song by the band The Folk Implosion.

It was released as a single in 1995, and was featured on the soundtrack to the Larry Clark film Kids, but does not appear in the film itself. The song peaked at # 29 on the Billboard Hot 100, # 4 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, # 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and # 45 in the UK Singles chart.

The Folk Implosion was an American indie rock/lo-fi band founded in the early 1990’s by Lou Barlow and John Davis. It was initially a side-project started by Barlow to explore different territory than that being canvassed with his primary band at the time, Sebadoh.

The name is a play on the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The band’s status was relatively obscure prior to the Larry Clark film Kids, and its soundtrack, most of which contained original compositions by Barlow and Davis. The song Natural One from this soundtrack was a hit single for the band.

Though the band attempted to duplicate the success of that song, their subsequent albums and singles were nowhere near as successful as Natural One. In 1995, the band contributed the song “Indierockinstrumental” to the AIDS benefit album, Red Hot + Bothered, produced by the Red Hot Organization.

In 1996, the band covered the song I’m Just a Bill from Schoolhouse Rock! for the tribute album Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks as Deluxx Folk Implosion.

After Davis left the band in 2000, Barlow recruited Russ Pollard and Imaad Wasif from the band Alaska! to record The New Folk Implosion. In 2002, the band appeared as the backing musicians for the main character played by Alessandro Nivola in the film, Laurel Canyon.

The band has not been active since 2004.

Editor’s Note: This song released while I was working at Tower Records. I vividly remember the first time we played the single in the store, and how, as the singles’ buyer I could not keep it on the shelf – every time I ordered it, shelved it, it would sell out. I was in full-blown lost girl land, sleeping with a boy in secret that no one knew about (or who most people did not know about), while being pursued by a boy who was the “better choice”, all while harboring feelings for “secret boy”, someone else’s boy, and a “girl who got away (but not quite)”. Funny, at the time I thought very badly of myself for having so many mixed up feelings about more than one person, but looking back, I was just being young.


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