My Top 300 Movies :: 111-115


111. Purple Rain

Music movies are a top favorite of mine, and this one is over-the-top in some of the elements I love – unforgettable songs, emotional moments that involve music, stunning musical numbers, and a love story. Sure, this film is dated, and the characters feel less likable than I remember, still there is something I still love here, and the soundtrack is still amazing. Watching it now still brings back memories of that first time I saw it in the theaters.


I Would Die 4 U :: Prince & the Revolution


112. Hans Christian Andersen

A comfort movie from my childhood and part of my forever love of Danny Kaye, this movie always makes me feel good. Growing up, there was a Saturday afternoon television program which featured family films, and this was a favorite of theirs, and of mine. It has been too many years since I have watched this one, I think I’m due for a re-watch, and an introduction to my own kids.

Hans Christian Anderson theme song

Thumbelina scene


113. Snatch

Fast-paced, whip-smart, action-packed, highly entertaining and funny as hell, Snatch was my introduction to Guy Richie films, and it remains my favorite of the bunch. The dialogue and the characters are my favorite parts of them film. This is one of those movies that I enjoy more with each re-watch, and more often than not, notice something I missed the previous views.

The Pikey Caravan” scene

Golden Brown :: The Stranglers

Angel :: Massive Attack


114. 101 Dalmations

Sixties era Disney animated movies are huge soft spot of mine, mostly, but not limited to, the visual gorgeousness of the animation itself. I’m a sucker for the music, too. I prefer the non-princess animated films, as well, like this gem which includes my all-time favorite villain, too.


Opening Credits

Cruella De Vil


115. Mulholland Drive

David Lynch films are a weakness of mine, but they are some of the finest weaknesses to have. I love how it takes multiple viewings to really unravel and take in this film, and how the characters complexities are like a puzzle to carefully piece together. I only wish this one had actually been a television series, as originally planned.

Movie Clip

Llorando (Crying) :: Rebekah Del Rio

Mulholland Drive/Love Theme :: Angelo Badalamenti

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