Keep Art Alive :: Art by Wlodzimierz Kuklinski

I want your love,
and I want your revenge;
you and me could write a bad romance.”

Louise is certain of only three things about love, that red lipstick is a basic need, strawberry sour candy is an aphrodisiac, and crazy lovers are the only lovers who every come her way. She may only be nineteen, not even legal to drink (not that the fact stops anyone really), but she’s been around the proverbial bend, and she knows how to bend, break and bounce back again.

Pages and pages of black and white bound composition books fill with confessional tell-all’s that Louise writes before bed each night, all in red ink, sometimes dotted with tear spots, other times blessed with lip kiss marks on the page. She is obsessive about her daily diary, and on the days she falls into an other’s bed she feels the twitch and itch of the neglected blank pages. Louise admonishes herself, as if a missed page signifies a personal failure, one that she can’t seem to forgive herself for.

Her newest pages seem filled with one particular crazy lover lately. He is dark and dangerous, fringe dwelling with a raised eyebrow sardonic stare that Louise wants to find a way to shatter. Every new entry seems to bleed out of her, singing the paper, turning the ink into flame. Desire will do that, when not well contained, when on the verge of eruption and reckless abandon. He is the co-host to her chaos, the co-writer she wants to burn the pages with, the co-conspirator for her most feral and ferocious wanting. He could be the end of Louise, but what a way to go.

Louise writes in big, bawdy red letters, “you and me, baby, could write a bad romance.”

Bad Romance :: Lady Gaga

5 thoughts on “I want your drama :: SOTD

  1. Hell yes. My favorite Gaga song right next to Paparazzi.

    What is the little blurb you wrote? Is that your own writing or from an art book to go along with the art shown? Sorry for the stupid questions, I really can’t tell. Either way interesting.

    1. It is my own writing. For most of the song-of-the-day posts I find a picture that feels connected and then play the song and write a quick snippet of a story inspired by the visual and the song.

      Thank you.

      Oh…and wow…those are my two favorite Gaga songs! Bad Romance and Paparazzi!

      I love the 30 Seconds to Mars cover of Bad Romance, too:

      (I like to think of it as Jordan Catalano singing about bad romance)


      1. See again…I thought it was. I’ve seen your posts on that topic before and they are so well done that I had to ask “where is this from” because you are THAT good.

        That Mars version of Gaga is neat! Never knew it existed. Again you’re an encyclopedia.

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