So glad to meet you :: SOTD


I could make you satisfied in everything you do,
all your secret wishes could right now be coming true,
and be forever with my poison arms around you.”

The streets all had names, corner stores to buy bottles and packets of smokes, neon lights, sometimes half-burned out, sometimes brighter than the moon; each one of the streets held stories from the past, from yesterday, and from the tales waiting to be told. The nights I wandered around, laughing, stumbling, eyes saucer wide and hands shaking, well, on those nights I was the one without a name. I left the past back on the other side of the freeway signs, traded in kohl liner and blood red lipstick for the good girl’s best kept secrets. Behind every perfectionist lies the damage that’s been done.

I wore my scars like jewelry, adornments covered in make-up and fishnets. Any reputation that proceeded me would be a preconceived expectation. The city, she helps girls like me hide-a-way, she helps us change our way to go. I gave it all to her, kneeling down on the cool pavement, worshiping at her cracked and crooked feet. I would bleed for this place if need be, I would lie and cheat and steal, spread my wings, my legs, my vulnerability, my soul. I would give all my poison arrow past just to be changed by her star lined streets, yes, yes I would.

Angeles :: Elliott Smith

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