My Top 300 Movies :: 101-105


101. Donnie Darko

This is one of those movies that impact me more each time I re-watch it. The mood, music, style, feel and tone of the film, the cinematics of it all, move me as much, if not at times more, than the actual story. There is such loneliness in the film, desperation, and love (and now I am wanting another re-watch).

Movie Clip

The Killing Moon :: Echo & The Bunnymen

Head Over Heels :: Tears For Fears

Notorious :: Duran Duran

Mad World :: Gary Jules


102. Beetlejuice

I love a good haunted house story, I also love dark comedies and Winona Ryder, oh, and also stories about unconventional families (you can’t get much more unconventional than a ghost couple “adopting” a teenage daughter). This is the era of Tim Burton that I love, and prefer, far more than his more current work. I love the character of Lydia so much.

You two really are dead.”

Man Smart, Woman Smarter :: Harry Belafonte

Jump in the Line (Shake Señora) :: Harry Belafonte


103. Brick

A modern take on a film noir style story filmed in areas I grew up in, just right there I was certain to love this one. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a favorite of mine, and he is phenomenal in this, as is the underrated (and underused) Nora Zehetner, who plays Laura (for once a fictional Laura who isn’t dead or dying, though the movie is about a death, so curse in tact). Lukas Haas is creepily wonderful in this film, too, lest I forget.


Frankie & Johnny :: Bunny Berigan

Sister Ray :: The Velvet Underground


104. Léon: The Professional

A heartbreaker of an unconventional family story, but a damn good one. The bond between Leon and Mathilda is so moving to me, so raw and real, one I always wonder “what would have been” if the story had taken a different turn. Such an iconic and amazing performance by a very young Natalie Portman (one of my favorites).

Sniper lessons

Shape of My Heart :: Sting

Venus as a Boy :: Bjork


105. The Comedy of Terrors

One of my favorite movie-memories of my Mother and I watching late night movies together when I was a child. This was one of our shared favorites, and it is one of my best memories of us. The movie also marks my lifetime love of Vincent Price.


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