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absent minded

Keep Art Alive :: “Absent Minded” :: Photography by Karrah Korbus

I wish I could take you with me,
all the way to New York City,
we could get an apartment there,
Be closer to our families.”

Alone, the tears keep flowing, pouring, flooding the spaces around Jane. She feels like she is floating in them, in her sadness, in the large expanse of miles and ocean that has come between them. He took off on a jet plane, window seat, a book to read and no wave out the window, no looking back. At least that is how Jane sees it, how she swallows it down, with a long drag on a cigarette, a taller than needed glass of red wine.

In all honesty Jane has no idea where he has gone. Just that he is gone away. The city, big and bold and bright, their imagined life in New York City, they had always talked about it, dreamed about it, tracing tales of what they would do on each other’s naked skin. He has an Uncle there, she a long-lost cousin. They had talked about a life there, something new, something just “theirs“.

But, now he has flown somewhere far away. He had broken strings and wings and things dangling from everywhere when Jane had found him. She had picked him up, thrown her coat around him, taken him back home with her. Nursing him with kisses and honey lemon tea she had watched him heal, brighten, turn into something strong and tall and wise. Perhaps the wings grew back, perhaps that is what took him from her side.

The tears will dry soon, Jane assures herself, speaking aloud this time, to the cool porcelain feel of the sink, to the poppies on the wallpaper, to her shaking hands and bitten down nails. She could pack a bag, take a train, go all the way to some other city by herself, start over, without him. What would New York do with a winged boy and a tear-stained girl, anyhow?

All the Way to New York City :: Rosie Thomas

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