My Weekly Top Ten :: The Week of October 21

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1. Books and Nachos Podcast

books and nachos

I have a significantly long commute to and from work in which I combat the horror of Los Angeles freeway traffic with playlists, audio books, and my new addition/addiction, podcasts. I am new to the podcast world, or at least to the auditory enjoyment of them (I have known of them being around for quite awhile) and am on the look out for good ones (please share your recommendations in the comments). I recently discovered “Books & Nachos”, and enjoyed two of their installments on my way home tonight – one on the Stephen King book, Carrie, and one on the Robert Bloch book Psycho (both movies I love, but both books I have yet to read – but now very much want to); I can’t wait to listen to more.

2. Sons of Anarchy :: Season One


I go back and forth between reading and watching Netflix on my phone during my lunch hour. I recently finished the Netflix series Orange is the New Black (loved it, please come soon Season 2), and was in the mood for something a) a little rough around the edges, b) well-written, and c) with more than one season. I had heard good things about Sons of Anarchy, and I have always liked Ron Perlman and Katy Sagal, so onward with Season one. I am one episode in and am already hooked, some incredible performances already, and it is more than rough around the edges – also, who knew the British kid from Undeclared would grow up into someone so talented, and well, easy on the eyes?

3. Wicked Game :: Emika

I love a good cover song, and this one certainly qualifies. Haunting, ethereal and gorgeously lush, this cover of Chris Isaak’s 90’s staple (which I love enormously) was used to play over the end of this week’s episode of The Blacklist. A friend and co-worker sleuthed it out today and shared it with me, and I have been hitting replay ever since.

4. Orange is the New Black :: My Year In a Woman’s Prison by Piper Kerman and audio by Cassandra Campbell (Audiobook)


After finishing Rob Sheffield’s latest I needed a new audiobook, and I honestly was not ready to let go of Piper and the gang, so the choice sort of made itself. So far, I have noticed the changes/liberties made, and some of the initial similarities. Piper has just surrendered and is meeting with who is Healy in the show, where there has been line-by-line same dialogue, though prior to this there has been a great deal more Piper backstory, and six years between being finding out she was going to have to serve time, and actually starting to serve.

5. The One That Got Away :: The Civil Wars

I stumbled on this song while perusing’s Spotify Playlist, TV Jukebox and I feel pretty hard for it. I love the unexpected twist to the “one that got away” sentiment. I know there are a few people that I wish had gotten away, for certain.

6. Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny


It makes me unspeakably happy to see pictures of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in the recent Reunion themed issue of Entertainment Weekly, as well as all the photos and sound bites from their appearance at the New York Comic Con. It makes me want to have a marathon re-watch of the series, though I know what a huge undertaking that is. They still hold such a special place in my heart, yes, yes they do.

7. Carol, The Walking Dead


Added to my list of all-time fictional heroes is Carol from The Walking Dead. A survivor in more ways than zombie apocalypse wise, she is strong and brave, takes action, follows her heart, has a moral compass and a sense of humor, and takes a leadership role with confidence and intelligence. We need more female characters like this one.

8. Devil in the Details :: Bright Eyes

It has been awhile since I lost myself in Bright Eyes’ Digital Ash for a Digital Urn, but it was time, yes, I think it was time again. This is the song that I cannot seem to shake this week. It keeps calling to me, sticking in my head, asking to be replayed again, and again.

9. Piper Chapman, Netflix’s Orange is the New Black


I don’t want to like Piper most of the time. She makes bad choices, acts selfish, is careless with love and has issues being alone and feeling abandoned, oh, and she wants everyone to like her too much. Truth is, though, I see a lot of myself in Piper, more than I care to admit, a lot more, actually (is that why I don’t want to like her so much of the time?).

10. Misty Day, American Horror Story Coven

Misty Day Coven Obsessed with Stevie Nicks American Horror Story
So what if I already mentioned Misty Day in a past week’s Top Ten, she is still in my Top Ten this week, too. Oh my, do I love this character, her relationship to music, her obsession with Stevie Nicks, her vulnerability and raw loneliness, she is my favorite this season, and the most complex (so far) of the characters. And admittedly, I have quite a character crush on her (how can I not?)

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