Keep Art Alive :: “Descending” :: Art by Kurtis Rykovich

Keep it going in me, wicked traveller, 
fading farther from me.”

Alice fell, fast and hard, upside down and around the corner, as her long-lost friend used to say. She wore her own hat now, a borrowed dress from the girl next door at the pay-by-the-week motel, and plenty of self-inflicted scars. Maybe he will be there waiting at the bottom, below, like he used to be, smiling that crooked smile, holding out his hands.

Everything eventually rights itself. Night turns itself into day if you wait long enough, if you count all the ripples in the wallpaper, backwards and forwards. Someday he will be there for her, Alice repeats to herself, promising, swearing, doubting.

They had made promises by the turtle pond, watching the colors light up the night sky, each one a booming declaration of whispered vows. In the underworld, inside out and round the bend, through the spirals and swinging door saloons they had once traded “I do’s”.

Now, all the way in this now, Alice still looks for him. Her Hatter, her partner in crime, her long-lost boy best friend. If she keeps falling, if she allows this dizzying decline, will he catch her?

No, sweet, silly, stupid Alice,” sings the blue nightingale, “no one catches girl’s who giveaway their wings so easily, that offer up their hearts like that.”

But maybe, just maybe, in time…

All Flowers In Time Bend Towards the Sun :: Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser

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