Keep Art Alive :: Art by Sandi Calistro

I’ve given you a decision to make,
things to lose,
things to take.
Just as she’s about ready to cut it up,
she says,
wait a minute honey I’m gonna add it up.”

Big blue eyes, shocking red hair, and dresses sewn together from hand-me-downs and thrift shop boxed finds, she grabbed attention wherever she went. Jane was quiet though, thin arms and pale skin, with a painted on feeling of something breakable, fragile, handle with care. Jane was tougher than all that she seemed though. The ivory delicate exterior was her steel trap gate, like a moat surrounding the kingdom’s castle, and she was both the royalty within, and the guard at the door, choosing who to let come in.

Dean watches her from the other side of the room, from behind thick lens glasses, from the top of his newest book series. He draws her image on page after page of his sketch book, sometimes just her eyes, sometimes her angles and curves, and sometimes her red stained lips. She is his bluebird, his princess in the tower in need of rescue, his fallen angel he fantasizes about, heatedly, behind the locked bathroom door, breathing, heaving, sighing her name at the end.

She never notices him, but he has every added up detail about Jane memorized, like math facts, like capital cities, like love.

I would love to love you,

Add It Up :: Violent Femmes

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