Quintessential Album Tuesday :: August & Everything After :: Counting Crows


August & Everything After :: Counting Crows
Quintessential Album Tuesday

A Little History:

August and Everything After is the debut studio album by American rock band Counting Crows, released September 14, 1993 on Geffen Records.

The album cover depicts handwritten lyrics to a song called August and Everything After, but the band decided against featuring the song on the album of the same name; it was not until over a decade later that it was played as part of one of their live concerts.

On September 18, 2007, a two-disc deluxe edition of the album was issued. The first disc contains the original album, remastered by Adam Ayan and Stephen Marcussen, with six demos added as bonus tracks. The second disc is taken from the band’s penultimate performance during the August tour, recorded at the Elysée Montmartre in Paris, France on December 9, 1994.

The album August & Everything After – Live at Town Hall was released on August 29, 2011, featuring live recordings of the songs from this album.

What Makes This “Quintessential” In Three Sentences:

There are albums in my collection that I have carried along with me through every move, every change, into and out of every new love, and subsequent break-up, and these are the albums that I not only cherish, but share with those I cherish; August and Everything After is one of those albums to me. I feel like pieces of me are tucked and folded into the lyrics of each song, and with every listen the rush and push of emotions sometimes lifts me high, and at other times, crashes me hard. There is sadness in the songs, in the stories they bring up, but there is also moments and memories of great joy – what more could you ask from a “quintessential” album?

My Top 5 Favorite Songs


1. A Murder of One (live version)

2. Round Here

3. Anna Begins (live version)

4. Rain King (live version)

5. Raining in Baltimore


3 thoughts on “Quintessential Album Tuesday :: August & Everything After :: Counting Crows

  1. Quintessential – absolutely. No matter how my music tastes have changed over the years, this is one that I always come back to. It always gets me singing along. Which can be awkward on the bus.

      1. I’m good… way too busy at work but am at the start of a two week break. The second draft of the novel is moving slowly… it daunting but I still completely believe in it. IN the meantime I’m also trying to get something more light-hearted off the ground with a trilogy of modern day parables/fables that I want to partner with an illustrator for. How’s your world?

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