My Top 300 Movies :: 91-95


91. Catch and Release

This is not a great film by any stretch of the imagination, it is full of flaws and at times derivative plot twists, but I love the characters and their stories, regardless. Maybe its the cast, filled with so many favorites of mine (Jennifer Garner, Kevin Smith, Timothy Olyphant, Juliette Lewis), or maybe it just hits a soft spot of mine – families made of choice and circumstance that are not your “family”. No matter what the reason, it is one of my forever go-to “comfort” movies.


First kiss

Razor :: Foo Fighters

Pills :: Gary Jules

My Drug Buddy :: Evan Dando

What If You :: Joshua Radin


92. Reality Bites

Not only one of my favorite movies, but one of my most watched favorite movies, as well. I feel forever connected to Lelaina, and will always have a fictional crush on Troy Dyer. There are moments in the movie that are stuck inside of me forever, that I think I will always relate to, and love.

“You, me and five bucks.”

My Sharona :: The Knack

When You Come Back To Me :: World Party

Tempted :: Squeeze

Baby, I Love Your Way :: Peter Frampton

Spin the Bottle :: Juliana Hatfield Three

Add It Up :: Troy Dyer

All I Want Is You :: U2


93. Beautiful Girls

Another comfort movie of mine, one I could watch again and again. I love ensemble stories done well, especially those about friends and lovers, and how their lives connect, and evolve. This movie was re-told and re-imagined in a television series I loved as well, October Road, years later, told by the “writer” who tells of the friends and lovers he left behind (you can see similar characters in both the movie and the television series).


Sweet Caroline Movie Clip

Beautiful Girl :: Pete Droge

Graduation Day :: Chris Isaak

Be For Real :: The Afghan Whigs


94. A Star Is Born

A favorite since I was seven years old. I love movies about music and musicians, and unconventional love stories, which this movie is overflowing with, both music and unconventional love. This movie makes me cry my eyes out, especially the last scene with just Esther singing.


Evergreen Movie Clip

Watch Closely Now :: Kris Kristofferson

Queen Bee :: Barbra Striesand

With One More Look At You/Watch Closely Now :: Barbra Striesand


95. Cool Hand Luke

An ex-love of mine had three favorite movies that he would insist on watching close to, or on, his birthday (which is also my birthday). All three movies have always remained special to me, but of the three, this one has always been my favorite (the other two are Jaws and The Graduate). Since his passing I have not been able to watch this one, but I will again someday, as it is a favorite of mine, as well (though it will always remind me of him, and of an us that once was).


No man can eat 50 eggs.” Movie clip

Plastic Jesus” Movie Clip

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  1. I wrote a somewhat lengthy comment on this one but I think it was lost:(
    anyway I LOVE Catch & Release! I fought it when it was new b/c of stupid reasons and when I finally saw it as a rental I fell totally in love. Not to mention the soundtrack with Lemonheads & Death Cab-which you did mention, so y’know.
    and Reality Bites: “All I Want Is You” & “Spin The Bottle” are great-great songs.
    I’ve never seen A Star Is Born-will rectify that.
    Just saw Cool Hand Luke for the first time a year or so ago-ended up writing a paper about it and the religious imagery in it. Very good.

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