But you’ll fight and you’ll make it through :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by URBAN ARTefakte

Your ship may be coming in,
you’re weak but not giving in,
to the cries and the wails of the valley below.
Your ship may be coming in,
you’re weak but not giving in,
and you’ll fight it,
you’ll go out fighting all of them.”

She changed her name with every new city, each one a new shed of skin, of scars, of senseless memories. This time around it was Isabel, borrowed off of a swirly sewn in name from a diner waitress, pink and white uniform, from the last chance stop off Highway 15. She had red hair and smelled of drugstore perfume, the kind her Mother used to wear when she went out with “friends“, not returning for days on end.

“Isabel” used to hate the smell, but this was somewhere else, someone else; redefining is the only thing keeping her from driving to the Grand Canyon, from here, and pulling a “Thelma and Louise” alone.

You need a friend for that kind of sacrifice, though, don’t you?

Wearing her new name and a thrift store yellow polka dot dress “Isabel” wanders into the beauty shop with the fading eighties posters on the wall. A young girl with dark as midnight hair took her to one of two swivel chairs, adjacent to the only other customer, an aging woman with thining hair, asking for pink tints to her gone white “grey“.

What can I do for you today?”, the raven haired beauitician asked, crinkling her nose as she sized up Isabel.

I need something different, something happy, something in a shade of red.”, like the real Isabel, like a new life needs.

A Better Son/Daughter :: Rilo Kiley

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