What’s In My Bag? :: Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

This was our first time visiting the Rose Bowl Flea Market that happens in Pasadena, California, the second Sunday of each month. It is a days worth of fun, with more treasures than you will have time to admire, and so much people watching opportunities. My goal for this trip was to find some keen Halloween themed vintage items and some music related things.


I was successful on the second goal, but not so much on the Halloween-themed goodies. We scored a few things from some booksellers, a Star Wars Pop-Up book that even lights up in parts for my son, Max, some comic book Essentials for my husband, Charles, and a history of Alice in Wonderland for my daughter, Veronica (put away for a holiday gift so shhhhh). We found some vintage bracelets for Veronica, and a keen Wonder Woman sign (see below) for my office at work….oh, and a bounty of vinyl (also, see below). I learned that my husband is quite the negotiator when it comes to flea market vendors, and we were able to come away with some music deals.

Most of all we got to be outside in some beautiful early Autumn Southern California weather, which was a lovely way to spend a morning-afternoon together.

Here’s a few of our collected treasures:


The vinyl bounty, which includes albums from Van Halen, Squeeze, Krokus, Bill Cosby, Alan Sherman, Sweet, Berlin, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Grand Funk and 2 David Bowie’s


For my office 

We are already looking forward to our next trip in November. Next time, though, we will a) arrive earlier, b) bring a collapsible shopping cart, and c) remember most of the vendors are cash only (and the ATM machines charge exorbitant fees).

Stay tuned next weekend when our “What’s in My Bag?” feature goes to the Oak Glen, California, home of apple orchards, pumpkin patches and general stores.

6 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag? :: Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

      1. You know flea markets are kind of addicting, some of or favorites are Springfield, Ohio, Canton, Texas, Sparks, Kansas. As my wife collects Cowboy toys & stuff and I collect records, we both have serious hoarding issues right now.

      2. My husband is a huge comic book fan and comic toy collector and I’m a music and book collector…so yes, I hear you on that…very addicting!!!

  1. Did you get any pics of the outdoor intergalatic perfomer? Im trying to find out who he was….Thanks

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