And the wind did howl :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Fight Klub” :: Art by Brian Viveros

She leaned herself against a fence,
just for a kiss or two,
and with a little pen-knife held in her hand,
she plugged him through and through,
and the wind did roar,
and the wind did moan.”

Alice escaped. She breathed fire and cried charcoal stained tears, and she bled from the sharp edges of the borderline fence that cut her skin as she climbed over, but she was free. After awhile the cool of the night wind registered in her bloodstream, bringing on the body quakes, the shivers and shakes, but none of that mattered much to Alice. She had been through Hell’s high water and love’s great divide, hadn’t she?

Henry waited by the motel gate, back by the kitchen dumpster that smelled of grease and ready to rotted meats and sheets and infidelities. He had a sly smile, hazel eyes, and the stain of too many cigarettes on his teeth and fingertips. He would boast that he aided her escape, that he abetted her pale skin and fleshy curves for a fortnight, if he made it through the night, that is. Alice had lost much, years and layers of innocence, but not her memories.

What happened next might land her back in. What happened next, well they might throw away the key. But, Alice did not quite care what happened next as long as the sun did not shine on his breathing anymore. She could smell her sister’s blood on him still, and her Mother’s, and hers, so she spilled his, in ripples and rivers and release. She took him with a kiss and a whisper, and a shiny stake of glass. And Henry Lee was free.

Henry Lee :: Nick Cave & P.J. Harvey

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