I always knew that you’d leave me anyway :: SOTD

Jonathan Viner  3

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Jonathan Viner

Its alright,
I never thought I’d fall in love again.
Its alright,
I look to you as my only friend.
Its alright,
I never thought that I could feel this something,
rising, rising in my veins.”

Jane adjusts the hem of her dress, takes a breath, swallows, then looks out across the street to the window adjacent to where she stands. It is abandoned now, empty, but once it held warmth and something that looked a lot like a future. She knows it is time to go, she knows it is time to leave this city, but for now, in this moment, she just wants to remember. Right there, across the street and through that window with the hairline crack in the lower left pain, we were once two friends falling in love.

Timing is everything, or so they say. We are where we are meant to be, well, they say that, too. Jane fastens the clasp of the necklace that she bought at the street fair three October’s ago, and wavers. Her bags are filled with artifacts of love, souvenirs from better days, and there is a part of her that thinks she should leave it all behind, start over, erasing memories the only way she knows how. She should never have let herself fall in love again.

He had a different life, an alternate place to go, people who he belonged to. Jane was just some crafted fantasy, something he had wanted to prove for years now, a fairy tale sketch of a girl who was not real, or permanent. He left with his soul intact, he left her without turning back. He took his friendship with him when he left, as well as her pride. She stayed for a beat too long, weeks too long, wandering around the city like a zombie, shuffling her feet, mumbling nonsense, shutting down all but the basic of needs. Yes, she knows its time to go.

She really thought this was going to be something real.

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