12 thoughts on “FLTS Fridays :: I’ve never been too good with names

    1. I have a friend who saw Evan Dando last night…so completely jealous!!!! How was the show? Love him.

      Thanks for the compliment! You do, as well!!!

      1. Really, they were in PA?! That’s fantastic!
        Show was “kljsfklfds” that sums it up well. Did not stay for the headliner as I just don’t care for them but Dando & Soul Asylum were magical.

      2. Would have been the same for me – I would have gone for Dando and Soul Asylum only, too…*sigh*. I’ve never gotten to see either (yet).

      3. That was my first time seeing Soul Asylum and I couldn’t believe they were still good…I’m impressed by how energetic Dave Pirner was he was either having FUN or acting extremely well.

      4. I loved loved loved it too and I get to do it again tomorrow night and he gave me permission to film the entire set so I will attempt to do so.

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