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Keep Art Alive :: Art by Ania Tomicka

And it was fun fun fun when we were drinking,
it was fun fun fun when we were drunk.
And it was fun fun fun when we were laughing,
it was fun fun fun,
oh it was fun.”

The big pill makes you feel smaller, and the small one like you were Alice, grown bigger than the house, limbs busting through windows, and your head through the roof. Alice preferred the big pills, the shrunken down feelings helped her to lift the plastic spoon-fork combination to her mouth more than the three time daily allowance she allowed on the outside. It made her feel like a child, too, from the spare few years before all the nightmares began. She did not much care for the strange shadowy figures she saw in the corner though, even though they smiled politely, nodding, as if to say “even though  you are so small, we still can see you.”

The small pills made her hands shake like when she used to carefully carve out perfect little white picket fences on cracked mirrors. But, back then the burn and electric jolt that raced through her bloodstream did not make her feel so larger than life. Sure, it helped her speak up, sing louder, spread her legs without hesitation. This though, it made her want to sneak out the window, into the dead of night, and run off all the tasteless food they made her take in, stopping only to throw up in the prickly bushes by the front gates.

When will they bring her the pills that will take her back? Five years ago things were so much clearer, back when she was still upside down.

5 Years Time :: Noah & The Whale

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