My Top 300 Movies :: 86-90

86. Author! Author! Unconventional families and flawed characters who ever strive to do something memorable, favorite elements in a favorite movie of mine. Also, a story about a writer, which is always top on my list, as well. An underrated film with a great performance by Al Pacino. Trailer 87. Sabrina The story line is now a classic romantic comedy trope, yet it never gets old to me. Perhaps that is due to the wonderful cast, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and William Holden are all so fantastic in this. The set-up of boy meets girl, boy and girl clash, girl leaves and … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 86-90

Put a smile back on my face :: Songs of my youth

Come On Over :: Olivia Newton-John (1976) from the album Come On Over  “And if all my dark days came at once, you would know just what to do.” A Little History: Come On Over is a ballad written by Barry and Robin Gibb and recorded by the Bee Gees for their album Main Course. Lead vocals were done by Robin and joined by Barry in the chorus of the song. A live version was recorded in Los Angeles during their Children of the World Tour and appeared on their first live album Here at Last…Bee Gees…Live. The song would become a #1 adult contemporary hit for Olivia … Continue reading Put a smile back on my face :: Songs of my youth

In my cocoon I’m going to let you in :: VOTD

Cocoon :: Polly Scattergood from the upcoming album, Arrows Directed by NYSU Films Cocoon is the lead single from Polly Scattergood’s newly announced album Arrows. Cocoon comes packaged in a video from the same guys who directed her recent “glitch in the Matrix” video to the song Wanderlust, Madrid based collective NYSU. Arrows is set to release via Mute Records on October 21st (stay tuned for a three sentence review and initial favorite songs on October 21st). All the songs on the upcoming album Arrows, including Cocoon, were written in London, France, Berlin and Norfolk. The songs all feature Polly Scattergood’s signature blend of … Continue reading In my cocoon I’m going to let you in :: VOTD

All the secrets there inside you Annabel :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Loui Jover “Land of the lines, of the years below still lies.  You are the truth they denied.  Run like the sea, tangled there in porcelain.  Under the stars you begin. “ Annabel sits in the windowsill, early morning, nothing but the scattered birdsong to be heard. The sleepless cacophony of cries and moaning in the night silenced, as her neighbors have all collapsed from the weight of emotions and the 2am rounds of medication. Annabel knows the trick, how to hide each pill in the softest spot of her right inside cheek, she … Continue reading All the secrets there inside you Annabel :: SOTD