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Won’t you lay me down in the tall grass
and let me do my stuff?”

Rumours was one of my Mother’s favorite albums when I was growing up, and she played it loudly, and quite often. It soon became one of my favorites along with her, and I made it a game, of sorts, to learn all the lyrics so I could sing-a-long with her.

This song was not my favorite, but it is the one that comes to mind immediately anytime I think of this album. There was something about the lyrics that seemed so adult to me, so grown-up, and so not okay to say, much less sing, that I used to whisper-sing the above lyrics, and then my skin would turn a blushed shade of red.

I am not sure I ever knew for sure, at that time, what that stuff was they wanted to do in the tall grass, but I was pretty sure it was similar to whatever “makin’ whopee” meant on the Newlywed Game – or so I imagined.

Funny the way we take things in when we are young.

I do know that the song made my Mom’s face glow and that faraway look she would sometimes get would takeover her eyes. She would be lost in the song and in some memory from her past, or a wanderlust kind of wishing for a not so distant future. I was always longing to know where her thoughts would go, and what went on inside of her mind.

She was always so faraway, and beautiful, to me.

Second-Hand News :: Fleetwood Mac

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