Must be the clouds in my eyes :: SOTD


Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won’t heal?”

There are a few musical artists and albums that are so embedded in my childhood memories that it is near impossible to not be taken back to corduroy bell-bottomed overalls, Malibu Barbie dolls, Star Wars figures, my bright blue beach cruiser bike and the awe and anticipation of Summer vacation. Elton John is one of those musical artists for me.

I hear this song and I can almost picture myself in my bedroom, baby blue painted walls, album covers stood up on end while I lay on the floor reading the lyric sheets and liner notes. Or perhaps (as it was with this song) I was lying on my back with my eyes closed, wondering what it was like to fly off to Spain, and imagining myself an older brother who would take me with him on adventures like that. Maybe he was a pilot, or a movie star.

Some days, when I have seemingly endless to-do lists and neverending responsibilities, I wish I could slip back to those long afternoons, put the needle on the record, and dream up a different life. I guess writing about music, and crafting my own musically inspired stories and images, is as close as I can get.

Daniel :: Elton John

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    I am reblogging this post because I am a really big Elton John fan and I really like the song, “Daniel.” I liked how you imagined yourself being like Daniel. I understand you wish you get away from everyday life and just listen to Elton John. I feel the same way.

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