76. Fire With Fire

Truly in the category of dramatic adolescent teen love stories from the 80’s, infused with a post-modern Romeo and Juliet edge, well versed in parochial school girl meets bad boy stereotypes, and yet I love it. Virginia Madsen is stunning in a David Lynch kind of way (surprising that she was never in any of his films/TV series), breathtaking in that Botticelli kind of way. The music is a treat, too, with songs from Prince, Bryan Ferry and John Waite.


Fire With Fire :: Wild Blue

Slave to Love :: Bryan Ferry

If Anybody Had a Heart :: John Waite


77. Stardust

My youngest daughter was obsessed with this movie for a few months time, watching it as often as she possibly could. It became a standard in our house for awhile, and even though it ran so often on our living room TV, I never grew tired of it. It is such a magical story of love, hope, laughter and life.


I know a lot about love.”

Rule the World :: Take That


78. Desk Set

The pre-internet information age takes a laughter and love turn in this battle of wits and wisdom, and the fight between man and machine. I love the undeniable chemistry between Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, and how it lights up every scene. Bunny (Katherine Hepburn) is one of my favorite film characters – I love the job she had in the reference library, one that I could have seen myself doing if I had been around during this fictional 50’s workplace.




79. The Sound of Music

As a young girl I got the opportunity to see this movie on the big screen when there was a revival showing at a local theater. I had already held a strong attachment to the movie as it seemed to play on the television right around my birthday every year, and my music school had done a production of it that I was in at about 8 years old. Julie Andrews has always been a favorite, and Maria is one of my beloved roles of hers.


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? :: The Sound of Music cast

My Favorite Things :: The Sound of Music cast


80. Lovers in a Dangerous Time

I love the unexpected indie gem that I sometimes stumble upon. This one is a definite favorite with its story of a childhood friendship reunited, and the defining roles and lines that sometimes fall into play between grown-up friends who may or may not fall in love with each other. I feel so close to these characters, and relate so well with them.


Lovers In a Dangerous Time :: Bruce Cockburn

Lovers In a Dangerous Time :: Barenaked Ladies

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