Hole :: My Top 10

Hole :: My Top 10 Favorite Songs Courtney Love may be polarizing, she may be controversial, and sometimes she may do things that are unlikable, but many of us are all that, as well, just without the notice of the world. No matter what, I have a forever and always place in my heart for Courtney, and a shared sort of kinship with her. Her daughter and my oldest are the same age, and we also both lost our husbands to addiction and suicide, something that is not so easy to live through. Her music with Hole, though, helped me … Continue reading Hole :: My Top 10

Shine your heavenly body tonight :: VOTD

Lucky Star :: Madonna from the album, Madonna Directed by Arthur Pierson Lucky Star is a song by American pop singer Madonna from her debut studio album of the same name. Originally released in the United Kingdom on September 8, 1983, by Sire Records, it was the fourth single from the album. The song also appears on her hits compilations The Immaculate Collection (1990) and Celebration (2009). Lucky Star was written by Madonna and produced by Reggie Lucas. However, during recording, Madonna was not impressed by Lucas’ version. She called her then boyfriend John “Jellybean” Benitez to remix the track according to her ideas. Lucky Star is a medium-paced dance track and combines … Continue reading Shine your heavenly body tonight :: VOTD

It’s in everything we do :: SOTD

“But we’re trash you and me.  We’re the litter on the breeze. We’re the lovers on the streets. Just trash, me and you.” Do you ever have one of those moments where you pick up a book and randomly, by chance, open to a page and just see what it says? And that something you find is just what you needed to see, or feel, right at that very moment? Or, have you ever had one of those conversations with some one, either in-person or in-writing, and the words exchanged are similar, if not the same? Like those couples that … Continue reading It’s in everything we do :: SOTD

My Heart Is Yours To Break Or Bury :: A Crossed Out Heart Playlist

  Keep Art Alive :: Art by Thomas Salioto My Heart Is Yours To Break Or Bury :: A Crossed Out Heart Playlist Listen here on Spotify (Day 20 of September Month of Playlists) Lost Cause :: Beck Come Undone :: Duran Duran Wise Up :: Aimee Mann I Will Follow You Into the Dark :: Death Cab For Cutie Back On the Chain Gang :: Pretenders Wild Horses :: Alicia Keys & Adam Levine Warwick Avenue :: Duffy If the Brakeman Turns My Way :: Bright Eyes For Lovers :: Woflman, Featuring Peter Doherty Warning Sign :: Coldplay Putting … Continue reading My Heart Is Yours To Break Or Bury :: A Crossed Out Heart Playlist