Ironside - Season Pilot

Ironside (2013)
Wednesdays on NBC
Pilot, October 2, 2013

Preview Clip

I am somewhat new being a fan of procedural television. I have always been more of a drama, dramady, sci-fi/fantasy and young adult television fan – heavy on the drama, writing and character development. Procedurals were a late night filler, or something to watch while home sick, and consisted typically of Law and Order re-runs. Then I met my husband and he slowly, but surely, got me hooked on the genre, and I added shows like Criminal Minds, Elementary, and Castle to my list of favorite shows, as well as a few others.

That said, my taste in procedurals veers towards character over case. I like to like the supporting cast, as well as the leads, and even the ones I do not necessarily like, I still want them to be complex and real. If the cases are riveting and hard to solve, great, but if the cast seems to be built on too many stereotypes or are intentionally flimsy and overly malleable in order to switch and change where plot requires then I lose interest fast. I bring this up because the pilot of Ironside did just that – made me lose interest fast.

I will say right now that I never watched the original, so going in I did not have anything to compare, or any expectations of this being “better” or “worse” than the original. On the contrary, I went in with an open mind. My initial thoughts were that Ironside himself was unlikable, which at first I applauded as it is nice to see a disabled character as just as flawed as a non-disabled character, and not required to be the source of sympathy alone. Maybe, I thought, he will be an anti-hero, like a House, where you grow to like them despite there seeming unlikability. Or, perhaps the supporting characters were  But, I found all the supporting cast either unlikable or forgettable, which does not make me want to tune back in again.

I actually spent more time trying to figure out where I had seen certain cast members than taking in their character, or part of the story.

The case, too, was both convoluted and forgettable. Halfway through the show I found my mind wandering and I checked the time more than once, trying to determine how much longer we had to go. All the way around this was not a procedural that would help keep me interested in the genre, not at all.  Maybe the characters will become more flushed out eventually, maybe the cases will become more interesting, or maybe not, I am not sure I will stick around long enough to find out.

Oh, and I did not enjoy hearing Glen Hansard’s song Leave in this, it actually felt insulting to the song, a song I love, and did not even seem to fit the emotion or movement of the scene.

Leave :: Glen Hansard
(a song I love that I wish they had left out of the show)

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