We Are Men

We Are Men (2013)
Mondays on CBS
Pilot, To Air September 30, 2013


We have seen this so many times before, in so many ways, and from both genders, from movies like The Hangover and to some extent Crazy Stupid Love, to television series such as Two and a Half Men and Two Broke Girls. Enter one character who has been let down by someone dear to them and then shake and stir in one or more characters who are meant to help teach them to live again, usually intermixed with bad advice, gender stereotypes and cringe worthy hijinks. Its not like it did not have funny moments, but they were terribly contrived and not actually all that funny.

The funniest moment for me was picturing Ross Geller, from Friends, moving into the apartment complex and topping them all with his divorces and relationship mishaps (he was never my favorite “Friend“). Yeah, I would not want to watch that either.


Dads (2013)
Tuesdays on FOX
Pilot, September 17, 2013


I read the bad reviews, the ones that point out insults and questionable antics, and I did have to pause and wonder if anyone who wrote said reviews actually ever watched Family Guy, or saw the movie Ted. Regardless, the negative press left residual doubt and low expectations when I first started watching. I think I honestly gave it a valiant effort to not like it, but I honestly failed miserably, because I really enjoyed the pilot. Of course, to be fair I have always adored Seth Green, and always had a fondness for Giovanni Ribisi, and it’s always a treat to see Brenda Song break out of her Suite Life Disney sit-com stints. The fact that they are in it may have gave me a push in the direction of saying “hey, I like this one”, if so, well, so be it. I did like it, a lot, actually.

I will be tuning in again next week to laugh some more.


Brooklyn Nine Nine (2013)
Tuesdays on FOX
Pilot, September 17, 2013


So, this is the one I was supposed to like, the one that is getting lauded as one of the best new shows, the one that I had high expectations for. But honestly, I did not like it. Andy Samberg’s character felt like it was lifted straight from a Lonely Island skit, which is not a bad thing in a digital short, but I am not sure it works as a single character that has to persist through a season, or more, of a series. The funniest moments I had seen in the commercials, which is often my complaint of movie comedies who blow their best moments in the trailers. Most of it felt over the top silly with no real depth at all to anything, thus for me, no believability. Though it was nice to see some actors who are known for their more serious, gritty roles take on comedy, it was not enough to make me enjoy the pilot as a whole.

Maybe it will grow on me…maybe.


Welcome To The Family (2013)
Thursdays on NBC
Pilot, To Air October 3, 2013


I liked this better when it was For Keeps with Molly Ringwald and Randall Batinkoff, in the late 80’s. So much predictability that I could have said the characters lines for them. The last moment, with Molly’s Mother, I saw coming from the moment the show started. Teenage boy with a bright future, dumb blonde girlfriend, pregnancy, ruined futures, feuding families, the illusion of a happy ending – it is like some post-modern Romeo & Juliet, where instead of killing themselves, Romeo knocked Juliet up and now their “fighting families” have to make it work for the sake of the baby. Yeah, it sounds about as bad as it was.

It is shows like this that cement my overarching distaste of sitcoms – there are exceptions, of course, but this is definitely not one of them.

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