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Sleepy Hollow (2013)
Mondays on FOX
Pilot, September 16, 2013

“Awakened” :: Sleepy Hollow

Supernatural time travelling literary characters come to be in the not so sleepy town of Sleepy Hollow and the next thing you know biblical end of times, death, condemned witches and the Four Horseman are being resurrected. I am a fan of time travel tales, and also have a predilection for characters who are “out of their time” trying to make it in a modern world, so I came to this pilot with more interest than skeptical misgivings. Thought there were storytelling flaws, they were minor and in any story of this nature you do have to agree to take a leap of fictional faith to ever hope to follow along. It felt a bit rushed, at times, but I did enjoy the against type surprises of some characters, and the actor playing Ichobod Crane (Tom Mison) does play the “man out of time” role well – I especially enjoyed his fascination with electric car windows and flashlights, and the banter regarding Starbucks did get a laugh from me (there is always a place for coffee humor).

I could do without the purgatory witch wife, at least make her not look so neo-goth, model like and give us a woman more true to the time period.

Literary points for the naming nods in Irving (Orlando Bloom), as in Washington Irving (author of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and that Ichobod mentions being a professor, and his “stuck in purgatory” wife is named Katrina. Great job, too, with the actor’s likeness playing George Washington, it was rather uncanny.

Cinematically, I liked the camera angles that followed each head as it was lopped off, and how going over the “bridge” caused the view to go sideways, then upside down, all causing an unsettling feeling on the viewer.

Oh, and the use of the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil was brilliant – even though I am aware it gets used so very often in film and television, it still worked well here.

Whether Sleepy Hollow will get the axe, or not (pun intended) I am on the fence about. Though I overall enjoyed the pilot, I do not hold much faith in FOX for letting shows breathe and grow organically, especially not ones with a supernatural edge to them. Ichobod does state a 7 year plan for the head-chopping, time-traveling avenging professor and his partner, in this case Abbie, so I dare say they seem hopeful and aspirational.  We will see how far it is allowed to go – I do hope it sticks around.

Sympathy for the Devil :: Rolling Stones


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