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You said you loved me,
and I kind of believe that,
but these days who knows what it means.

So, we sat by the Laundromat,
with magazines and cigarettes,
talked about a million other things.”

My heart is stolen in the little moments. Stolen conversations in the booths of 24-hour diners, waiting on the platform for a late train home, or sitting at the Laundromat watching your clothes tumble in circles. I am taken in by words, by random things said, and by people who have interesting things to say. And music, always music, you have to have some kind of connection to music to ever work your way into my heart.

The rest works itself out eventually, and love, well it comes in many shapes and forms. I am not sure I quite understand how it happens, or what it is exactly; perhaps no one knows for certain. But, I know I love the way a song can make me feel, and the way it is when someone can make me laugh, or think about things for a good long time after the dialogue has faded into the air between. I think the rest I will always be trying to figure out.

Until then, the music goes on, and today, I certainly love this song.

Last Words :: The Real Tuesday Weld

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