Remembering you :: VOTD

Pictures of You :: The Cure from the album, Disintegration Directed by Tim Pope Pictures of You is the fourth and final single from the British rock band The Cure’s 1989 album Disintegration. The single version is a remix edit of the album version, and at 4:48 minutes is significantly shorter than the original album version which runs for 7:24. There are also two different remixes on two UK 12″ singles, and other singles released around the world, one of which later appeared on Mixed Up, and the other is an extended remix of the original album version which, at 7:59, runs slightly longer … Continue reading Remembering you :: VOTD

When your gone all the colors fade :: SOTD

“Yesterday I got lost in the circus, feeling like such a mess. Now I’m down, I’m just hanging on the corner, I can’t help but reminisce.” Louise paints each nail a different shade of red, her thoughts going gray, like stagnant city pavement, like the way her heart feels as of late. She feels the rough edges of recent days, their weight just a intake of breath away from collapsing on her. She smiles, painting her lips yet another red, like blood, like violent disregard. The cracks only show in the quiet moments, when she thinks no one notices, when … Continue reading When your gone all the colors fade :: SOTD