So love me now :: SOTD

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Well, wake, baby, wake.
But, leave that blanket around you,
there’s nowhere else safe.
I’m leaving this place,
but, there’s nothing I’m planning to take;
just you,
just you,
just you,
just you.”

I have said for a long time that music is my oxygen, my sanity, the way I focus and often exist. Lately I have noticed that it is my overarching muse, though I am certain I always knew this, never writing a word in a notebook, composition book, blank blog space, or even on the backside of a postcard without a song playing in the background.

So now, as I push myself through to finish a story that keeps building, determined to not be the girl who never finishes anything anymore, I find myself with my ears open, taking in every turn of a lyric, and progression of sound. I have found myself pulling over to the side of the road, sometimes with tears streaming down my face, as I see something form so vivid in my mind, borne of the sounds of the songs.

Characters seem to take over, nudge at me, tugging until I stop and look, or listen, as they tell me “this is the path, over here, and don’t forget…”

I have often heard writers talk about that moment when the story takes them over. That you become, as the writer, a conduit. Or, perhaps it is just that you become so entrenched with the characters that you become pieces of them. As if you are playing a role on a stage, layering traits over your own, and mixing them until they become one.

All I know for sure is that I am carrying them around with me – everywhere – and they seem to have song preferences. By the end of this story I think I may end up with a soundtrack that is volumes long. Time Life will have to come around and make an infomercial for it, or something.


No One Would Riot For Less :: Bright Eyes

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  1. Music and lyrics do have a great impact on the hole personality of a person. It is a beautiful and soulful passion to have. Love the song. I can keep listening to it and will never get tired of listening to it. Thanks for sharing.

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