My Top 300 :: 66-70


66. Henry and June

Writers and artists in 1930’s Paris, it is a time and place that I would love to time-travel to, and exist among, if only for a few weeks. Anais Nin and Henry Miller have been favorites of mine since I was in my very early twenties, and this film captured so much of the feeling from their writing. One of the most stunning and sensual films I have ever seen.

I Found a Million Dollar Baby :: Bing Crosby

Je M’Ennuie


67. Grosse Point Blank

I love everything about this movie – the music, the cast, the writing, the characters. This film has one of my top favorite music in movies moments, when John Cusack’s character shares a moment with a baby to Queen’s Under Pressure. This movie is yet another unconventional love story that I love.

Under Pressure scene

Let My Love Open the Door :: The Who

Mirror in the Bathroom :: The English Beat


68. Mysterious Skin

Painfully brutal, emotionally wrenching, and yet at times beautiful in its raw vulnerability and illustrative look at the families we choose for ourselves out of people who come into our life. There are parts of this movie so true to my own life that I could hardly watch, but it also was comforting in a collective understanding kind of way of all the things we live through, survive through. Phenomenal performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michelle Trachtenberg.


Neil’s Theme :: Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd


69. My First Mister

Another favorite movie of mine which tells the story of a family of choice, brought together through circumstance and connection. I have such a soft spot for this story, and for the bond that ‘J’ and ‘R’ develop. As a girl who grew up without a relationship with my real Father, and with a horrible one with a Stepfather, I know I am drawn to their relationship, and probably a little envious of it, too.


J & R clip


70. Amadeus

The music, the art, the madness, the drama, and all the epic-ness that this movie is captured me completely when I first saw it in the theater. I grew to adore it even more when I was in a college production of it, getting caught up in all of the music and art and madness and drama and epic-ness in a different way. My love for the movie has never waned, in fact, with each viewing I love it more.

Salieri describes Amadeus’ music

Symphony No. 25 in G Minor

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  1. WOW! What great choices of movies. I have seen some of them but I would like to see the rest that you have listed here. Thanks for sharing a lovely post with us.

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