Support the Music :: Keep Art Alive :: London Shover

A well-loved and talented singer-songwriter here at Lyriquediscorde, London Shover is participating in a songwriting competition sponsored by Guitar Center. The winner of said contest will have the opportunity to record an EP with the infamous Don Was as producer. I have written about London’s music a few times at Lyriquediscorde – click here to read past posts – and am sending a plea for all my readers to click here to help support London in this contest.  It won’t cost you anything but a few moments of your time. I am a lifetime believer in art and music and encourage everyone … Continue reading Support the Music :: Keep Art Alive :: London Shover

I can’t let you go :: Top Five Thursday

Keep Art Alive :: “The Hollow” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco Top Five Thursday Candy Songs 5. I Want Candy :: Bow Wow Wow “Candy on the beach, there’s nothing better, but I like candy when it’s wrapped in a sweater.” 4. Sex & Candy :: Marcy’s Playground “Hangin’ ’round downtown by myself, and I had too much caffeine, and I was thinkin”bout myself, and then there she was, in platform double suede, Yeah, there she was like disco lemonade.” 3. Candy Says :: The Velvet Underground “Candy says I hate the quiet places, that cause the smallest taste of … Continue reading I can’t let you go :: Top Five Thursday

All those hooded sweatshirt walks :: A Wandering Playlist

  All those hooded sweatshirt walks :: A Wandering Playlist Listen here at Spotify (Day 5 of September Month of Playlists) Gold Mine Gutted :: Bright Eyes Heart :: Stars Emmylou :: First Aid Kit Into Dust :: Mazzy Star Margot :: Minks Oblivion :: Bastille Wait :: M83 Someday You Will Be Loved :: Death Cab For Cutie Grazed Knees :: Snow Patrol Lover, You Should’ve Come Over :: Natalie Maines This Modern Love :: Bloc Party Sing To the Moon :: Laura Mvula The Killing Moon :: Echo & The Bunnymen A Forest :: The Cure The Wandering … Continue reading All those hooded sweatshirt walks :: A Wandering Playlist

We close our eyes :: VOTD

The Perfect Life :: Moby & Wayne Coyne from the upcoming album, Innocents (release date: 9.30.2013) The Perfect Life is the first single released from the upcoming Moby album, Innocents. It features vocals from Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Here Moby describes the video above, in his own words (taken from his YouTube posting): ‘the idea for ‘the perfect life’ video is pretty simple…wayne and i in mariachi costumes walking around l.a picking up a very random and disparate bunch of disenfranchised oddballs and leading them via trolley to a giant party on a roof overlooking l.a while the sun … Continue reading We close our eyes :: VOTD

Calling the light and you enter the dark :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Photo by Sacrificium “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone, it’s something they’ll try to tell you, when they’re dishing out the pills.” They told her it was all in her distorted memories, like scars or shrapnel, the stories were all a part of what kept her alive. Alice wonders though, why the stories feel so close sometimes, how they have voices, each one different, with precise and recognizable tones. She hears them call her name when she tries to sleep, her mouth gone dry, the pills making each limb feel … Continue reading Calling the light and you enter the dark :: SOTD

Jeff Buckley :: My Top 10

Jeff Buckley :: My Top 10 Favorite Songs I must admit that I had quite the blush-worthy dream about Jeff Buckley in the very early morning yesterday which I was abruptly awaken from, and ever since I have been fiercely “in the mood” for his music. As I spun most of his discography today I found myself going back to certain songs to hit repeat and replay which got me to thinking that perhaps it was time for a Top 10 Favorite Songs of Jeff Buckley post. I know I have written about Jeff’s music more than a few times … Continue reading Jeff Buckley :: My Top 10