I wish I’d known you then :: VOTD

Palomine :: Bettie Serveert
from the album, Palomine
Directed by Tamra Davis

Palomine is the title track from the first album by the Dutch indie band Bettie Serveert, Palomine. In Europe, Palomine was released in 1992 on Guernica, a short-lived subsidiary of 4AD Records; in the United States, it was released on Matador Records. (A re-released version came out on Brinkman Records.)

The song was featured on the short-lived 90’s television show, My So-Called Life (a favorite of mine).

Tom Maginnis at Allmusic writes: Lead singer Carol Van Dijk delicately examines the instinctive push and pull of interpersonal relations and the fragile nature of friendship with poetic ease: “Well I wish I had known you then/Well who knows I might have been a better friend/But now the senselessness within the air/Paints its words almost everywhere/How come life sometimes makes you feel so scared/Now the sun will always shine on this pal’o’mine.”

Editor’s Note: So many songs from this year remind me of change and the inner emotional chaos that jangled around inside me during this time in my life. I felt very alone, even among friends, most likely because I knew I was facing a life change that they weren’t, and they knew it, too. I felt so very young to be anyone’s Mother, even though I was years older than my own Mother had been when she became mine. Twenty-three, there is just so much still to sort out at twenty-three.


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