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Three words that became hard to say:
I and love and you.”

There are days set aside for love, and for saying I love you. But, those people that I love, I would never need a day set aside to tell them so.

Beyond a love of music, and a sharp sense of humor, my Mother gifted me with an openness to express love. She may have not always left me feeling loved, but I know she never hesitated saying it.

I could argue, and have, that those three words are thrown around far too carelessly. Sometimes we say this without realizing the implications, or definitions, that may attach to the words. But, I like to think (or try, at least) that I am careful with these powerful, and beautiful, three words. I know that if I love you I will most likely love you forever and always, even if the time comes where they are so hard to say.

Je t’aime, toujours.

I and Love and You :: The Avett Brothers

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