My Top 300 :: 61-65

The Wrestler

61. The Wrestler

One of the most heartbreaking films I have ever seen, and one I am not sure I could ever sit through again, even though I loved it. Phenomenal performance by Mickey Rourke, a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember, as well as from another favorite of mine, Marisa Tomei. This film was so raw, so vulnerable; it made my heart hurt.

The Boardwalk scene

The Wrestler :: Bruce Springsteen

62. Lost In Translation

Trying to articulate the reasons and whys of my love for this movie always trips me up and has me uncharacteristically without words. It is a feeling, the way I find myself “lost” in the movie every single time I wash, and how completely emotionally moved I feel by Charlotte and Bob. Every time I watch I feel more.

Does it get easier?”

Bob Harris sings More Than This

Charlotte sings Brass in Pocket

Just Like Honey :: Jesus and Mary Chain
with the ending from Lost in Translation

Alone in Kyoto :: Air

63. Pretty In Pink

Of all the John Hughes films, Pretty In Pink is the one that I hold the closest to my heart, and is the one I relate the most to. I went to the “rich school”, lived in the “other side of the tracks” part of town, worked at a record store (albeit after graduation) and had both a Duckie and a Blaine around that time at my first record store job. I only wish I knew how to sew the way Andie could, or that I had the gumption she did in high school (it took years for me to have the strength to stand up to people who tried to break me).

Tell me the truth” scene

Try a Little Tenderness :: Otis Redding
Otis Redding/Duckie scene

Pretty In Pink :: The Psychedelic Furs

Bring On the Dancing Horses :: Echo & The Bunnymen

Left of Center :: Suzanne Vega

Positively Lost Me :: The Rave-Ups

If You Leave :: OMD

64. The Commitments

This is one of those movies that makes me want to be a singer in a band, a once short-lived adolescent fantasy that is sparked every so often by certain films, and occasional live gigs. Maybe it is the music (so many songs I love), or perhaps it is the stories told of friendship, struggle, love, and shared dreams. The story told here, too, is so warm, heartfelt, and often hilarious; makes it hard not to want to be a part of it.


Mustang Sally :: The Commitments

Try a Little Tenderness :: The Commitments

I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You :: The Commitments

Treat Her Right :: The Commitments

65. Little Miss Sunshine

Dysfunctional family on a road trip quest to fulfill an unrealistic dream who find each other along the way, there is just so much to love in that. I love every character in this movie so much, but most especially I have a soft spot for Dwayne and Frank, and how they seem to see each other. I also have such a fondness for Olive and her Grandpa, their relationship makes me miss my Grandfather who I had a special bond with, and who always believed in my dreams, too.


Till the End of Time :: DeVotchKa

How It Ends :: DeVotchKa

2 thoughts on “My Top 300 :: 61-65

  1. All good movies. When I want to feel sad, in a weird way, I’ll put on Lost in Translation for entertainment and catharsis. It’s VERY funny and beautiful but also very depressing. I’ve watched with friends who think I’m insane when I start crying during Charlotte’s telephone conversation with her distant friend. She’s so alone. Very poignant little scene.
    I don’t care how corny I’m being…I have a feeling you know what I mean.
    and the “REEP stalkings” scene is beyond hilarious.

    1. lyriquediscorde – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles writer, mother, lover of music, books, film, tv, travel, cooking, jukeboxes, lists, themes, game nights, potlucks, coffee, letters, postcards, and conversation. Ever-evolving, learning, and changing. Every day is another opportunity to do better. 
      lyriquediscorde says:

      Both Charlotte and Bob are so lost and alone. I cry during that scene with Charlotte on the phone, as I do at the ending, and times when I am feeling my most emotional and vulnerable, I tend to tear up during their conversation in bed about marriage and life. The whole movie is so…just so much of everything.

      YES, the “reep my stalkings” scene is hilarious! I agree! Bill Murray’s reaction is classic – he is so wonderful in the film!

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