Spin the Bottle :: Juliana Hatfield Three
from the album, Become What You Are
Directed by Ben Stiller

Spin the Bottle was the third single released from the Juliana Hatfield Three album, Become What You Are. The song was also featured on the soundtrack to the movie Reality Bites, written and directed by Ben Stiller, who also directed the video to Spin the Bottle. The video features both actors from the movie (Ethan Hawke), as well as other musicians/friends of Juliana Hatfield (Tanya Donelly) and comedian Scott Thompson, of Kids in the Hall fame.

Become What You Are was Juliana’s first solo album after the band Blake Babies split.

Editor’s Note: It was at a Juliana Hatfield show in the mid-90’s that I would meet a boy I would briefly date who would later go on to be a well-known actor and musician. He was shy then, though, and there for the music just as I was. We started talking as this song began to play, both admitting to falling head over heels for this album and playing it non-stop. It was music that connected us. He would give me a mixed tape that I still have, and we would see another band play together on our third date, right before he would leave to go make a movie. We made promises to keep in touch, and had a few phone calls and a letter or two between us, and then we faded into memory. We were not the stuff of “true love”, but we were the stuff of “good memories”. This song will always remind me of him.


8 thoughts on “He’s in a bunch of movies :: VOTD

  1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I love Juliana so much. Have you read her autobiography?

    Thanks so much for mentioning her being on tour – I did not know, but now see she’ll be here in LA in November, at the Echoplex! Will hopefully be able to make it/review the show.

  2. Hey-I did read her book and devoured it.
    Who is the dude from Tulsa? Somebody wrote in a review that it was obvious who the mystery boyfriend was but I had no clue.
    Did you hear her new band’s song yet? It’s GREAT.
    I’ll look forward to your review of her show!

    1. I look forward to what you think of her show, too. I had not heard her new band until you mentioned her playing live, and I went to check it out…REALLY LIKE IT A LOT!!!

      I don’t know who the dude from Tulsa was either, guess it wasn’t that obvious to me either.

      1. I even googled famous musicians from Tulsa but I couldn’t figure it out. I’m not meant to know so I guess that’s best.

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